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For over 25 years, Ed Urbanek Designs continues to create award winning custom contemporary & modern homes personalized around individual lifestyles. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Ed Urbanek has a special connection to the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Ed is a member of the AIBD (American Institute of Building Designers) and takes pride in making his clients confident in him and his designs. His dedication to each project allows him to answer complicated and simple problems with clever solutions.


postheadericon Process

We walk into the first meeting just as eager and thrilled as you are. During our process, you will find that our word is our honor and our handshake is as powerful as our contract. Therefore, we view you as a colleague more than a client and our focus on communication and invitation to collaborative efforts lead to making concrete decisions and no second thoughts.

  • Opening Phase
    Our design process begins before you walk in the door. You have a living energy that is unlike anyone else’s. Your method of living and your perspective of the world around you are the defining attributes of your custom home design. When we first begin discussing your home we are trying to get to know one another. When we are comfortable with each other we review a process agreement and begin the design phase.

  • Schematic Design
    Phase The exploration of broad ideas and concepts begins during this phase. We may hold a series of collaborative meetings with the builder, decorator, and yourself. We welcome ideas that are tasteful to your wants and needs. Our task here is to narrow the broad idea with a design approach that you are comfortable with. We begin to investigate spacial development and site specific needs until you are confident in pursuing a key concept.

  • Design Development
    Phase Once a concept and schematic set of sketches are established, we start to refine our ideas and allotment of space. We will develop hand drawn preliminary drawings and encourage meetings as well as site visits to review our plans and progress. When you are confident in our ideas we will produce a final set of computer lined preliminary plans for review.

  • Closing Phase
    We will host a collaborative meeting to make revisions to the final set of preliminaries. When you are confident and comfortable with our progress we will begin to produce construction documents and edit them as needed. From here we hand the plans over to the builder for him to secure final bids and then begin construction. We like to periodically observe this part of the process and see the project through to its completion to ensure your satisfaction. When all is done, we openly invite your feedback because we strongly believe in bettering ourselves based off of your experience with us.

postheadericon Design Services

  • Fine Home Design Consulting
  • Conceptual Sketches
  • Visualization Renderings
  • Construction Documents
  • Renovation and Additions
  • Additional Services Upon Request